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Landowner Solutions helps the owners of hard to sell real estate to convert their land to cash. Our specialty is dealing with absentee owners and the owners of undivided fractional interests in real estate.

Often these owners have inherited land that is hard to manage because it's far from where they live or because the ownership of the land is split between multiple co-tenants.

Owning and properly managing land can be very time consuming and often confusing for those who aren't active in farming, ranching or other real estate based businesses. If the land is also far from where they live the problems can be even harder to deal with; absentee owners also can't enjoy their land as much as if they lived nearby. Absentee and/or fractional owners also have to deal with adjacent landowners or strangers trespassing on their land to hunt or for other purposes. These trespassers can damage the property and represent a constant threat of liability claims if they're injured on your land. Learn more about how we can help with your fractional land ownership needs.